A Comprehensive Guide to Pocket Watches

mens pocket watches

The current world seems to be too drowned in tech- friendly devices and watches are not an exception. But even in this age the pocket watches still capture hearts. Its timeless appeal captivates hearts of millions owing to its classic style and beauty. But more than the watch itself do you know what’s more eye- catching? Yes, you guessed it right, the chain. So, today in this article we will be talking about the pocket watches, how is it lov-ed by the individuals and how should you choose the chain and attach it to your watch and the dress. So, let’s get started.

What are Men’s Pocket Watches?

In an era when almost everyone is immersed in looking at a digital watch, there is something special about someone still referring to mens pocket watches. These watches once us-ed to be an embodiment of class and status and was worn only by the gentlemen who kept it not only for checking time but also appreciat-ed its art and beauty. Today these watches are rarely us-ed or are occasionally used. But, are kept as family heirlooms carrying the legacy of the ancestors and bridging up the gap between tradition and modernity.

Choosing a Pocket Watch Chain

You all might have at least once dressed up for sure. Was the selection of the tie matching your suit an easy process? Maybe not. Same goes with these pocket watches as well. Buying a chain for your pocket watch is not at all an easy task. There are numerous options to choose from depending upon your choice of colour, the colour of the watch, etc. This chain of a pocket watch is not only a functional accessory but something which completes the entire look of the watch. For a touch of opulence, try to opt for colours such as gold or silver or, if you are someone who loves to add contemporary twist to the traditional designs, try going for a leather or a stainless-steel chain.

While buying the watch also make sure that you buy a longer chain. This will help you in tucking the watch in various styles such as tucking it in your waistcoat pocket or let it dangle freely from your pant’s belt.

Different Ways to Attach a Pocket Watch Chain

  1. The traditional waistcoat attachment:

    Flaunting old world charm and sophistication, the pocket watch chain can be attach-ed to your designated pocket on your waistcoat or vest. Next, allow the chain to drape gracefully, catching an eye of everyone you pass through.

  2. The belt loop suspension:

    If you are someone looking for a relaxed and a more contemporary look then try attaching it in your belt loop. This will give you a trendier look and you can have a relaxed posture by allowing it to dangle freely in the air.

  3. The fob pocket showcasing: 

    Allowing your pocket watch chain to showcase in your fob pocket chain is a stylish choice. This statement demands a daring attitude and ultimately brings your appearance to a pedestal vintage fashion era.

  4. The functionality: 

    What can be better than intermingling tradition with modernity? So, if you are someone who loves this then why not try out this? Try to use your pocket watch chain as a key chain. This will highlight your individual appearance and also showcase your most prized possession.

Summing Up

Attaching a chain to your pocket watch is an entirely different thing. But what should be the focus here is that it should reflect your personality. Always remember that the chain should be able to infuse your character into your outfit as it will act as a bridge between the pocket watch which denotes tradition and the outfit that you are wearing denotes modernity. A pocket watch chain is much more than just an accessory, it’s the heritage that you carry with you, the tradition that reflects your past and the love that your ancestors showered on you.

So, whether you are shopping for cheap branded watches or for casio watches for men, try to step back in time and try to feel the past, the mesmerizing feeling of carrying a pocket watch attached to a chain connecting the watch and you and feel your past even in the years to come.