Best Ways To Sell Your Car in Australia – Guide to sell

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There are many ways by which you can sell your car in Australia. However, achieving success might be challenging.

Choosing the right course of action will be determined largely by how much time and energy you are willing to invest in learning about the process.

Here are some alternatives to buying a car in Australia.

  1. Increase your car’s appeal.

First, to increase your car’s appeal, thoroughly clean it and get it serviced (save all receipts). Snap some stunning shots. Avoid harsh shadows that might obscure details by shooting in the early morning or late afternoon. Use as many horizontal shots as your ad space permits, and capture the car from every possible vantage point (even inside). 

  • When and Where

Trying to sell your car in Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne during April through July is not a good idea because it’s their off-season (autumn/winter). Brisbane and Adelaide are challenging year-round, while Darwin and Cairns are challenging during the wet season (December to June).

  • Price

You can use competitors’ prices as a benchmark for your pricing strategy. If a week passes without interest, you should lower your price to stay competitive. You will only make friends among budget travelers if you try to overcharge them for your wares. Your car is not worth $4000 since you paid $3000 for it and spent another $1000 on maintenance. A return of 60% to 80% of your initial investment is considered excellent.

  • Advertisements in the Press

To sell your car privately in Australia, one common practice has been to publish an ad in a second-hand car magazine or the classifieds section of a local newspaper and then wait for potential buyers to contact them. This strategy has no assurance of success and may be time-consuming and costly to implement (due to space constraints).

  • Banner Ads

With many potential customers, you may reach a wide audience with eye-catching adverts featuring your car on the Internet. These days, a lot of people browse cars online. It takes time and money to get an ad up, and there needs to be an assurance that anyone interested would see it. The same number of advertisements on the most visited sites makes it challenging to get noticed.

  • Put up a “For Sale” sign

A ‘For Sale’ sign on your car is another tried and true way. Ideally, a passerby will see it, remember your phone number, and give you a call. This is a true ‘hit and hope’ strategy, and it will serve you best if your car is stopped in a busy, slow-moving region, like a city center.

  • Auction

Auctions may be the best way to Sell Your Car. Auctions can be public or private and held in person or online. Since you lose some control in the sales process, some see this as a risk.

  • Through Dealer

Another common choice is to sell your car through a dealer, though you should be aware that some dealers will give you less than the market value for your vehicle. How well you know the dealer will determine how well you do.

Before working with a dealer, it’s important to find out details like how long they’ve been in business, whether or not they send a certified mechanic to inspect your vehicle, whether or not they offer mobile services, how they handle payments, and how they rate cars. Time and money can be spared if you research and find a trustworthy dealer.

Cash for Cars Brisbane is here to help if you live in Australia and are trying to sell your car securely and profitably. We will travel to you to personally assess the car and negotiate a fair, all-cash price depending on its condition.

  • Generally Speaking

You could be surprised if you’re trying to sell your car and think something else will be needed. If you want to sell your car quickly and easily, you must notify your friends, family, and coworkers that you’re selling it. Since you’ll only interact with people you already know, it’s also a fairly secure method. If you don’t tell them everything that could go wrong with the car, your friendship could end quickly.

  • Creating a sign on cardboard

Depending on how busy your street is, you may attract the attention of many drivers by creating a sign on cardboard and placing it on the dashboard. Each area has its own set of “known” spots where you can leave your car all day with a “for sale” sign in the window and not worry about getting in trouble. Being mobile allows potential customers to examine the product up close, which will pique their interest.

  • Networking Sites

Selling a car on social media can be done cheaply and quickly. ‘Swap or sell’ listings can be found on a Facebook page in many locations nationwide. Considering the millions of individuals who use shopping websites regularly, this is a great way to reach a wide audience of potential customers. The only drawback is that you may occasionally be inundated with unreasonably low bidders.

  • Paid Classified Ads on the Web

This is the top-tier alternative. If you want to sell your automobile quickly, for top dollar, and to thousands of serious buyers, your best bet is to use a paid internet service. Your listing will appear when users randomly peruse the classifieds or narrow focus on a specific vehicle type. A premium ad that places your automobile listing at the top of search results may be worth the investment if you’re in a hurry to sell.

13. Forum for Fans

Your vehicle probably has a specific online community if it has even a small fan base. Try looking it up online. You should join and peruse the various discussion threads if a forum is available. A section advertising automobiles for sale is likely. The residents who read your automobile listing here are interested in cars since that’s what they do. However, you should know that some consumers may have extremely technical inquiries.


It’s important to consider all your options for selling your car before making a final decision. You can also choose Speedy Cash for Cars if you want to sell your car. We will come to you to remove your car.