Vying Factors To Discern The Cost To Develop An Android App

The Cost To Develop An Android App

If you have trouble deciding what is Android Developer Costs or Mobile Developer Costs, then this article should help. We’ll clip the discussion to factors of Android App Development Cost!

A decent mobile application (Native or Hybrid) must satisfy various user preferences – an attractive user interface, a robust backend, and cross-platform compatibility. According to Mobile App Download Statistics & Usage Statistics (2022), downloading a mobile app, and using it is sparingly different.

However, considering Google Store vs. App Store, and Free vs. Paid downloads businesses need to manage the ratio between presenting mobile apps to users and making them use them. Currently, there are 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store, and approximately 1.96 million apps available for download on the Apple Store.

About Android OS

Android Mobile Operating System is an open-source software based on Linux Kernal and is developed by Google. It powers Android Auto Cars, TV, Watches, Camera, etc. Android Apps are built on Android Studio and are installed through a bundle or package called APK (Android Package Kit). Java, Kotlin, C++, C#, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DART, Maven, Realm, .Net, PHP, and XML are popular programming languages in Android. Backed by Google, Android Architecture Components is a collection of libraries for Android App Development. Examples: Chat Messenger, Music players, Games, Calculators, Mail, Clock, weather widgets for Android like Accuweather.

Classification of Android Tools

The availability of Android tools eases the task of developers to build apps faster and more efficiently.

Tools currently used for Android Application Development: Android Studio, Android SDK – Native Development Kit (NDK), Corona Software Development Kit, Android SDK Platform Tools, Android SDK Tools, and Android NDK.

Components of An Android Application: Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers, Content Providers, Intents, Widgets, Views, Notifications, Fragments, Layout XML files, App APK files, Resources

Examples of Native Android Apps

  • Basic App: Calculators, Camera, Clock
  • Productivity Apps – Google Drive, Google Calendar, Samsung Email, Microsoft Outlook: Secure email, calendars & files, Microsoft One Drive
  • Shopping Apps – Amazon, Walmart Shopping & Grocery, E-bay, Wish, Walgreens
  • Food and Drinks Apps – DoorDash Food Delivery, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Uber Eats: Food Delivery, Yelp: Find Food, Delivery & Services Nearby
  • Books and References Apps – Amazon Kindle, Audible: audiobooks, podcasts & audio stories, King James Bible (KJV) – Free Bible Verses + Audio, The Bible App Free + Audio, Offline, Daily Study, Google Play Books – iBooks, Audiobooks, and Comics
  • Lifestyle Apps – Samsung Pay, Pinterest, Life360: Family Locator: & GPS Tracker for Safety, Amazon Alexa, Google Home
  • Entertainment Apps – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MetroZone, Bitmoji, Hulu: Watch TV shows, movies & new original series
  • Tools Apps – Google, Google Play Services, GBoard – the Google Keyboard, Phone by Google – Caller ID & Spam Protection, Samsung Calculator
  • Business Apps – Zoom Cloud Meetings, LinkedIn: Jobs, Business News & Social Networking, Microsoft Teams, Indeed Job Search, Microsoft Authenticator
  • Education Apps – Samsung Global Goals, Duolingo: Learn Languages Free, Google Classroom, Reminder: School Communication, Canvas Student
  • Music and Audio Apps – Spotify: Listen to podcasts & find the music you love, Pandora, Streaming Music, Radio & Podcasts, YouTube Music – Stream Songs & Music Videos, Amazon Music – Stream and Discover Song & Podcasts, Shazam: Discover songs & lyrics in seconds
  • Data-Driven App: Calendar, Weather, Stocks
  • Authentication Apps: Authy, McDonald’s, Loyalty app, Google Authenticator
  • Social Networking App: Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram
  • E-Commerce App: amazon, eBay, Alibaba
  • On-Demand App: Uber, Postmates, Nimber, Melabiz
  • Marketplace App (multilevel web platform): Amazon, Walmart, TripAdvisor, Google express
  • IoT and Hardware App: Beacons, Amazon Dash Buttons, WeMo, DirectTV, BELI Printing service, Jo

Factors to Determine The Cost of an Android App

  • App Type – Social networking, business, shopping, real estate, taxi-booking, learning management, food ordering, car rental – bnb platforms, job portals, telemedicine
  • Design – Basic, Individual, Custom
  • Platform – iOS, Windows, Android
  • Infrastructure, Architecture
  • Number of pages
  • Features per page/complexity
  • Web Services use HTTP, XML, SSL, SMTP, SOAP to exchange type, weather, arithmetic, and authentication services
  • Customizability
  • Geographic Location of Android Development Team/Team Setup
  • App Administration
  • App Maintenance Cost
  • Industries – Real Estate, E-commerce, Food Delivery App Development, Social Media, On-Demand, Travel App, Finance, Healthcare, Sports, Government, Education, or any other.

Technology Stack Android App Development

  • Programming Languages: Java, Kotlin, Flutter
  • Android Development Tools: Android Studio, Android Developer Tools (ADT)
  • UI Frameworks: Android UI, Jetpack Compose, Kotlin API’s
  • Database: Room persistence library, SQLite, Firebase real-time Database, Realm
  • SDK: Android Jetpack, Constraint Layout library, JNI, NDK, ARCore, Android Support Library, Firebase, Fabric, Sentry, Social SDK (FB, G+, Twitter), Google Maps SDK, Monetization Libraries (AdMod, Appodeal, MoPub), Google Play Services
  • Google SDK: ARCore
  • Google Services: Google Maps, Cloud Firestore, ML Kit, Authentication, Push Notifications, Firebase Analytics, Crashlytics
  • Technologies: Classic Bluetooth, BLE, Push Notifications, OAuth 2.0, Amazon S3, NFC, WebSocket, RUST and Solidity for Cryptocurrency App Development Services
  • Testing: UI Tests, end to end tests, integration tests, unit tests
  • Application Framework: Activity manager, window manager, telephony manager, SMS manager, package manager, location manager, content providers
  • Libraries: Web Kit, SQLite, libc, SSL, FreeType, SGL, OpenGL, Surface Manager, Media Framework
  • Android Runtime: Core Libraries, Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Linux Kernal: Display Driver, Camera Driver, Bluetooth Driver, M-systems Driver, Binder Driver, WiFi Driver, Audio Drivers, Power Management

Cost to Create an Android App

Every android app involves few basic steps like Designing Prototype, Developing Pilot MVP, Developing POC Demo, Streamlining Operational Costs, Rigorous Testing, Lean User Interface and User Experience:

  • Basic App: Elementary business logic, up to 10-15 major screens, interactive UI $10-20k
  • Medium App: Business logic, 25-30 major screens, UI elements and animations, localization with multilingual support $20-50k
  • Complex App: Advanced business logic, more than 30-40 screens, fully custom UI and advanced animations, large scale user base (multilingual) $50k+

Conclusion: Where can we go from here?

The listed information is true to the best of our knowledge. We hope that it helps you find an apt android app development company. Ensure that your android app possesses simplicity, speed, good image resolution, flexibility and security. Android developers must be adept at solving complex challenges and fulfilling your mobility needs.