Using UV Printers to Create Unique Souvenir Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes

Popular Japanese cookie brand Shiroi Koibito is produced in Hokkaido. Customers can create their very own Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes by utilizing a Roland DG UV printer to print their favorite photo on the tin box as part of a unique service offered by manufacturer and retailer ISHIYA Co., Ltd.

Shiroi Koibito, a Cookie with a white chocolate inside and a langue de chat outside, was initially introduced in 1976 and has since grown incredibly famous. One of Hokkaido’s most stunning mountains, Mt. Rishiri, is depicted in the heart-shaped center of the tin box. Customers can now insert their favorite photo into the heart of the Cookie Packaging Supplies box to personalize it.

Popular Cookie Box Customisation Is Offered

Visitors can sample a variety of limited-edition sweets at the ISHIYA Cafe New Chitose Airport, which debuted in July of this year. It’s fun to browse around and sample the chocolates at the café because it’s arranged to look like a chocolate factory. We immediately looked into the cookie box personalization service!

Charming Chocolate-Style Designs

Roland DG’s LEF2-200 had a charming chocolate-style design that matched the store’s aesthetic. Roland DG’s LEF2-200 had a sweet chocolate-style design that matched the store’s aesthetic. The most popular bespoke Shiroi Koibito Customized Cookie Boxes come in 36 pieces (on the right and left) and 54 pieces (in the centre). The most popular bespoke Shiroi Koibito Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes come in 36 pieces (on the right and left) and 54 pieces (in the centre). The bespoke cookie boxes come in 36- and 54-piece sets. Customers’ favorite photos or café-taken photographs with Mt. Rishiri or a lavender field as a backdrop printed on them. Customers then design their layout using the user-friendly coto design design and print management software from Roland DG that installed on tablets in the café. The customizing area at the café can be used for any editing tasks, from desigs to prints.


Utilizing Cotodesign To Modify The Layout On The Tablet Screen. 

You can also add text and stamp art. Staff employees load tin boxes into the UV printer when the design is finished to print it on the boxes. Even consumers in a rush can create a unique box in time to catch their flight because printing only takes around 20 minutes to finish.

The LEF2-200 UV printer in the café added prints to cookie boxes.

We enquired as to what made the customized Shiroi Koibito Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes concept so popular.

In order to learn more, we chatted with Maasa Sugimoto, manager of the ISHIYA Cafe New Chitose Airport (see photo below).

It’s Really Popular To Create Your Own Cookie Box In The Cafe.

Sugimoto: At our Shiroi Koibito Park location, we began offering a service in 2000 that allowed clients. To create their own cookie boxes with remembrance images. More than 16,300 orders placed for the service in 2018. Demonstrating its high demand. Custom cookie boxes are a common memento for tourists visiting Hokkaido or for those looking for a special gift for loved ones. Many individuals also use images of their dogs to create patterns. Some clients even place recurrent orders for personalized boxes. Possibly with images of their children as they grew up or as novelty or commemorative gifts with company logos.

Using A Uv Printer And Cotodesign, The Service Improved.

Sugimoto: Previously, we printed images onto stickers using wide-format inkjet printers from Roland DG, which we then adhered to cookie boxes.

We improved our cookie box customizing service at the same time we reopened the Shiroi Koibito Park. Established the New Chitose Airport café in July of this year. To do this, we put up the cotodesign program and the LEF2-200 UV printer for direct printing onto the boxes. 

Easy Design Editing In The Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes 

Customers are in awe at our ability to print straight into the tin boxes and adore the unique vibe they give off. There is a lot of interest in the UV printer that we have installed in the café.

The time that employees formerly spent adheres stickers to boxes decreased by using a UV printer. Cotodesign makes it simple for clients to examine the final layout of their design on the screen. Reduces the time needed for stitching and modifying data when customers upload their own photographs.

When I see customers who appear to be extremely happy with their bespoke Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes. It is a wonderful feeling and rewarding experience. I’m eager to see even more consumers use our service to document their trips to Hokkaido in enduring ways.

  • Shiroi Koibito Park’s well-known tourist destination added to the service.
  • Park Shiroi Koibito
  • In Nishi Ward of Sapporo City, Hokkaido, we also had the opportunity to explore Shiroi Koibito Park. The park is a well-liked destination for tourists thanks to its lovely gardens, factory tours, and chocolate-making activities.
  • We requested a tour from Manami Ota (shown below). The manager of Photo Shop MEMENTO, where clients may purchase personalized cookie boxes.

Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes Memento Manager Manami Ota

Ota: For many years, Shiroi Koibito Park made bespoke cookie boxes using Roland DG’s SP-300i inkjet printer. The LEF2-200 UV printer enables us to sell personalized Shiroi Koibito key chains. Refrigerator magnets, and other accessories in addition to unique Cookie Packaging Supplies Boxes . Custom Shiroi Koibito cookie tin boxes (back) and other products like front-face magnets also well-liked. In order to create their own cookie box as a memento of their visit to the park. Many visitors have their photos shot here. We frequently produce more than 100 boxes each day during the busiest times.