Overview of Low Volume and Precision Injection Molding

Custom plastic components from China via injection molding can prove extremely economical even in low quantities. But, finding an authentic supplier for low volumes and high precision molding calls for an attentive vetting process and the establishment of relationships. This article outlines the most important aspects to take into consideration when purchasing high-volume and accurate part injection-molded from China.

Overview of Low Volume and Precision Injection Molding

Injection molding that is low volume refers to runs that typically produce smaller than 10,000 pieces annually. It has unique challenges as compared to production at high volumes because the production process and molds must be efficient in low quantity.

Precision injection molding refers to the capability to maintain very precise tolerances. Typically, they are to within +-0.005 inches. For this level of precision, you need sophisticated equipment, strict control of processes, as well as experienced engineers.

Plastic parts that are custom-designed in small amounts can be a great solution for firms that require high-quality components, but not large-scale production. Methods such as Low-run injection molding permit lower prices in prototyping, or increasing production to meet demands. In the case of critical projects that require strict precision, precision molding techniques can be used to create high-quality plastic parts.

China provides access to a vast array of companies that manufacture injection molds including small shops for specialties to large exporters. By selecting the right suppliers, Chinese manufacturers can fulfill small-scale and precise requirements for plastic parts cost-effectively.

Finding Prospective Low Volume and Precision Injection Molding Suppliers in China

Make sure to search the entire web in your search for sources. The best sources are:

  • Trade shows such as Chinaplas
  • Import and export platforms like Alibaba.com as well as Made-in-China.com
  • Buyers who have referred us to other buyers.
  • Databases for business and trade

Keywords that are relevant to your search like “precision injection molding”, “tight tolerance plastic parts” as well as “low volume manufacturing”.

Find suppliers who have the capabilities that meet your requirements like tight tolerance molding and low-volume production and know-how in your material kind.

Vet Supplier Capabilities

Review the shortlisted vendors attentively to assess their real capability:

  • Take photos and/or videos of their facilities and equipment in order to confirm their abilities. Make sure to choose new, well-maintained equipment from trusted manufacturers.
  • Examine sample pieces for the accuracy of dimensions and quality of materials. Take measurements of key dimensions and check the functionality.
  • Examine their technical expertise with the help of questions they pose as well as the advice they give. You should look for advanced technical skills.
  • Examine their production schedule as well as their QC program to determine their commitment to process quality and control. Be sure that they are using excellent inspection methods.
  • Get references from previous customers and read reviews to establish a steady service record. and services.
  • Check any certificates such as ISO 9001 to indicate commitment to quality management systems.

Analyzing these aspects will help determine which companies are well-equipped for high precision, small quantity molding.

Negotiating Price for Low Volume and Precision Plastic Parts

If you are negotiating price:

  • It is important to be clear on order amounts in order for the provider to estimate the cost with precision.
  • Learn about the variables that influence portion price, which includes tooling, material, processes, as well as logistics. Demand that suppliers provide specific analysis of the cost.
  • Request quotations from several providers to see how they compare prices.
  • Find ways to reduce costs, such as multi-cavity molds or altered part geometries.
  • Use competition to leverage your advantage – inform companies know that you’re looking to compare quotations. Be careful not to go too low prices at the expense in terms of quality and customer service.

If you are working with small quantities, the cost per unit will be greater So, you should focus on cost per unit. Be sure to consider reliability, quality and the ease of running business before choosing a supplier.

Overseeing Part Quality

Quality control at a distance is a challenge that requires a robust monitoring system:

  • Give detailed specifications as well as the quality standards, including allowable tolerances. Be sure that the vendor accepts and adheres to the specifications you have provided.
  • Inquire about samples for examination and approval in each step following initial tooling, initial article pieces as well as the start of production. Review all important dimensions and features.
  • Establish an in-coming inspection of quality (IQC) inspection system to identify issues before they become a problem. Take photos of any defect and reports on quality.
  • Make sure to schedule visits to review control of quality and production periodically. Check out the processes on-site in detail.
  • Contact your supplier frequently. contact, allowing you to address any issues promptly. Accept or deny samples as quickly as possible.
  • Think about having a third party inspection team periodically inspect parts at the manufacturing facility for impartial control.

Through close collaboration and monitoring Suppliers can always deliver on quality standards even with low volumes of high-precision molding.

Managing Logistics for Low Volume Part Orders

In order to avoid overstocked stock and expenses:

  • Small batches of product are shipped to accommodate production demands Not all annual volumes.
  • Make use of shipping terms like EXW as well as FOB Hong Kong/Shenzhen for a reduction in the cost of shipping.
  • Find out the air and sea shipping costs to determine the most efficient solution based on the quantity of goods and time requirements.
  • Make use of consolidators as well as freight forwarders in order to cut down on the cost of logistics.
  • Employ a customs broker in order to make imports easier and less charges.
  • You might want to consider warehousing or just in-time delivery in order to improve stock levels.

If they plan their purchases well, buyers will see significant savings in shipping costs despite purchasing small volume.

Building Long-Term Low Volume and Precision Injection Molding Partnerships in China

An efficient, co-operative vendor relationship results in better outcomes in the long run. To develop an effective long-term partnership:

  • Communication is frequent and open for a collaborative solution to problems. Communicate cost-related information and forecasted trending orders honestly.
  • Provide feedback on a regular basis so that your company can continue to enhance. Don’t be vague with your critiques, however, you should also acknowledge good performance.
  • Make a commitment to contracts that are longer or supply contracts to assist suppliers plan their investments and capacity.
  • When you pay on time, using a consistent currency to establish trust. Provide opportunities to grow.
  • Check in with the facility of your supplier regularly and invite them over to yours. Meet their staff more thoroughly.
  • Technology and expertise can be shared for better capabilities. Stronger partners are better in the long-term, for both sides.

The commitment to the relationship that goes beyond the cost of a transaction creates loyalty as well as success.


Finding low-volume high-precision plastic components from China could result in enormous savings, however it is a matter of the careful selection of suppliers and their control. Utilize the advice provided in this article to locate and effectively work in partnership with Chinese suppliers in projects for injection molding that involve difficult tooling, strict tolerances and small quantities. If you follow a set of sourcing guidelines buyers are able to establish lucrative long-term supply agreements through China to fulfill their exacting manufacturing needs.