Kerala Charm in the USA: A Traditional Marriage Celebration

Kerala Charm in the USA: A Traditional Marriage Celebration

Last weekend, my friend Anu married in a beautiful traditional Kerala wedding right here in the United States through Kerala Matrimony USA. As someone who grew up in Kerala, it warmed my heart to see our vibrant culture and traditions represented so beautifully far from home.

Celebrating Kerala Traditions at an American Wedding

The wedding took place at a local temple, providing the perfect backdrop for the ceremonies. The temple decorated elaborately with fresh flowers in vibrant pinks, reds, and oranges. Traditional Kerala murals and artwork adorned the walls. It was like stepping into a little piece of Kerala right in the heart of America.

The bride looked absolutely stunning in a traditional Kerala sari and gold jewelry. Her hair styled with jasmine flowers, a Kerala bridal custom. The groom looked regal in his golden Kerala mundu and crisp white mundu neriyathu.

The wedding rituals followed the traditional Kerala Hindu customs, including the thali kettu kalyanam ceremony for the wedding and vidhi for the reception. The pujas conducted by priests chanting vedic mantras. The air filled with the smoke of incense, creating a spiritual aura.

What made the event even more special was the integration of Kerala traditions with American culture. The flower girls wore white dresses but had jasmine flowers in their hair. The groom entered on a horse to the temple, combining Kerala and western wedding customs. The food was a mouthwatering blend of traditional Kerala sadya and American favorites like pasta and tacos. The result was a perfect mix of Indian and American culture.

The highlight for me was the reception

The temple hall transformed into a gorgeous reception venue with golden lights hanging from the ceiling like glowing stars. Soft Kerala music played in the background as the newlyweds made their entrance. The groom led the bride gently by her fingertips – a Kerala custom signifying his promise to guide and protect her.

The bride changed into a stunning white and gold reception sari accessorized with heavy Kerala bridal jewelry. The groom wore a classy suit with a golden mundu. The women all wore exquisite Keralite sarees and the men looked dapper in suits with traditional mundus. It was a perfect blend of Indian and western attire.

As I watched the newlyweds exchange garlands, cut the cake and share their first dance, I felt filled with pride at seeing our Kerala traditions so beautifully represented here in America. The wedding was the perfect blend of culture, rituals, food, clothing and values. Kerala charm shined brightly even thousands of miles away from home. It was a testament to the timeless beauty of Kerala’s traditions.

Kerala and American cuisine

The food was a delightful blend of traditional Kerala and American cuisine. The sadya featured all the Kerala favorites like sambar, rasam, thoran, pachadi, banana chips and payasam. The caterers also served American dishes like pasta, tacos, sandwiches and salad to cater to the diverse guests. For dessert we enjoyed the traditional Kerala payasam and American favorites like cake, brownies and ice cream.

After the reception, the newlyweds took photos around the temple against the backdrop of traditional Kerala murals and architecture. It provided a wonderful blend of Kerala culture with an American temple as the backdrop. The photographer beautifully captured all the small moments and rituals that made the wedding so special.

Looking back, this wedding was a heartwarming reminder of the resilience of culture and tradition. Although we were thousands of miles from Kerala, the spirit, values and beauty of our culture shone through. It just goes to show that physical distance cannot dilute the bonds of heritage and community. I feel immensely proud that I could be part of such a meaningful celebration of Kerala traditions on foreign shores.