How To Help Seniors Stay Cool in Summertime

As the summer heat sets in, it’s essential to ensure that seniors remain safe and comfortable during the warmer months. Seniors are more vulnerable to heat-related illnesses. Family caregivers should take effective measures to keep their aging loved ones safe from the adverse effects of the hot weather.West Des Moines Home care experts share tips to help your loved ones cool in the summertime.

1.Know the Body’s Limitations

Knowing your loved one’s body’s limitations is essential to prevent him or her from getting harmed by the heat. Consult your loved one’s doctor regarding their medications and side effects that can pose adverse effects at higher temperatures. In some cases, seniors become vulnerable to issues like heat stroke. Make sure to ask for preventive measures to avoid unnecessary accidents.

2.Create a Cool Environment

Maintaining a cool living space is crucial during hot summer days. Use fans, air conditioning, or open windows strategically to circulate air and reduce indoor temperatures. Ensure that their home is well-ventilated, and if necessary, consider spending some time in air-conditioned public places like shopping malls or community centers.

3.Suggest Cool Summer Activities

To stay cool, seniors don’t have to stay inside the home but be able to make smart choices. Help your loved one find his or her options, for example, participating in pool activities like aquatic aerobics. Ensure your loved one wears appropriate clothing according to the weather, and track how much time he or she spends in the sun. West Des Moines Home care professionals suggest seniors have a bottle of water when going outside the home, especially when they intend to exert any type of energy.

4.Provide Sufficient Hydration

Everyone must stay well-hydrated in summer, especially seniors, because some medications may cause dehydration as a side effect. If your loved one struggles to drink water, consider flavoring it by adding some orange juice, lemon, mint, or cinnamon. You can also prepare a pitcher of seasonal fruits like strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and blackcurrant to encourage your loved one to select from multiple options to stay hydrated in hot weather.

5.Nutritious Meal

Selecting lighter, hydrating meals filled with fruits and vegetables is crucial during the summer. These foods offer vital nutrients and help maintain hydration levels. You can introduce variety by preparing refreshing options like cold soups, crisp salads, and rejuvenating smoothies. It’s also important to reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption as they can lead to dehydration, ensuring your senior loved ones stay cool and healthy during the hot season.

6.Prevent Long Sun Exposure

Advise your loved one to stay in the shade outside to avoid exposure to harmful sun rays. Provide him or her with appropriate clothing, like capes and wide-fringed hats. Staying in the shade also includes your home, so keep it adequately shielded from the sun. Draw a curtain during the hottest part of the day to keep the heat out.

7.Recognize Signs of Distress

Educate yourself and your loved one on the signs of conditions commonly happening in summer, like hyperthermia, which can also result in life-threatening conditions, including heat stroke. Knowing the warning signs of such conditions can keep your loved one safe and healthy. Some symptoms of heat-related conditions include moody behavior, nausea, no sweat, dry skin, fainting, headaches, and trouble breathing. If you notice these signs in your aging loved one, seek immediate medical assistance and keep your loved one hydrated.

8.Use Cooling Products

Cooling products like specially designed towels, neck wraps, and portable personal fans can be invaluable assets during hot summer days. They offer instant respite from the heat, making outdoor activities or time spent in non-air-conditioned areas more tolerable for seniors. These convenient tools help maintain comfort and reduce the risk of heat-related issues, ensuring a safer and more enjoyable summer for your loved ones.


Summer should be a time of enjoyment for seniors, not a season of discomfort and health risks. Following these essential tips can help your elderly loved ones stay cool, comfortable, and safe during the warmer months. Remember that prevention is key, so taking these precautions will go a long way in ensuring a pleasant summer for seniors. If you need more help looking after your loved one, especially if they have a serious illness, consider getting professional home care services. Your care and attention will greatly improve their well-being during this season.