Is time management important in the PTE Academic Test?


Have you ever wondered why almost every test has a certain set time limit? PTE Academic Test

PTE Academic Test, While taking the test, it can be rather intimidating to know almost all the answers but run out of time. What is a probable reason for having time limits in a test?

Well,  is a continuous process. Certain basic things are taught in every stage of life, and to grow further, you need to keep learning. To find out if you have developed a working competency in the skills required to survive, thrive in life, and then grow, you are tested on those skills. This is where time plays a crucial role.

Setting a time limit

Setting a time limit for a test is important to determine how efficiently certain learned skills are applied by the learner. It helps establish a certain level of proficiency in a person. It’s simple; time is set to measure practical efficiency.

A language test measures a person’s communicative skills. Language is used for nothing but effective conversation. In everyday life, we communicate with people directly or indirectly. For example, imagine a practical situation were taking a long time to answer a question or asking a query is not possible. It hinders communication as understanding the query or answer is delayed.

Consider another example where you are supposed to listen to some instructions. Most official instructions are given not more than thrice before taking any adverse action. In such a scenario, if you couldn’t interpret the instructions, you won’t be able to make the right decisions. The point is that you must be prompt.

In the PTE Exam, those who can answer questions with agility score good marks. Why? Because they are more prompt and provide their responses within a stipulated time. That’s the importance of time. With the pressure of time, we learn things more speedily, adapt to situations rapidly, and our decisions become quicker with experience.

Another main reason why tests are time-bound is to avoid letting them run for impractical lengths of time. It reflects one’s organizing abilities. In the PTE Academic Test, it demonstrates your capability to organize your thoughts.

PTE Time Management:

It is hard to fathom the fact that the clock is ticking in the PTE Test! And with every tick and unanswered minute, you come closer to the probability of losing marks.

But look at the brighter side! You can learn to manage time in the PTE Test, answer effectively, and get an outstanding score.

Most of the questions in the PTE Speaking section are individually time-bound. In the writing section, a task like Essay Writing has 20 minutes for one essay, and Summarize Spoken Text has 10 minutes for a single question’s answer. The Reading section is timed overall, with a total time set between 29-30 minutes. For the listening section, you will have 30-43 minutes.

Here are some tips for managing time effectively:

  1. Understand that in the speaking section, the timer is running, so you must speak within that time. Thus, while practicing, try to keep a check on the time all the way from the first question to the last.
  2. For essay writing and summarizing spoken text, you can prepare for the questions very well by practicing thoroughly before the test with a timer. Always have a habit of doing PTE practice with a timer.
  3. For the reading section, you will need to really manage your time. While practicing, you might already know the questions in which you are facing difficulties. Try to practice those questions in the set time and slowly increase your speed. Take care of the questions that have negative markings.
  4. In the listening section again, you must pay attention to the audio as it will not be replayed. So, if the answer is gone, there is simply no point in wasting time and stressing over it. Don’t let it affect your score on other questions.

Ultimately, it all boils down to practicing with the timer. The Practice Tests at PTEClasses are designed in almost a similar manner to the real test, providing you with a test-like experience. PTEClasses is a portal that provides a complete solution to help you achieve a high score. There is time-based test analytics that you can analyze after completing a test to discover the areas where you are losing marks because of time. It will indicate the questions or skills that you need to polish to get an awesome PTE Score of 70+ or 80+.

Delusions related to Time:

A misconception about time is that it induces stress. Not really. In fact, when you have a lot of time on your plate and you are unable to complete certain tasks, it slowly makes you question your abilities and raises self-doubt.

Remember, time management is critical for achieving that dream score on your PTE Score Card. Thus, make a study plan, start practicing with the scored practice test, and evaluate your performance to focus on improving your weak areas.